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How do you choose a photographer?

I understand, it can be difficult to choose a photographer to capture your timeless memories. So what sets me apart? My name is Rachel Wilson, and I am a professional photographer in the Northern Nevada area. On top of having the correct licensing to have a true business, I am also insured and spend my free time attending workshops so that I can continue to grow and better serve my clients. I also have the honor of teaching both photography & editing classes for TMCC when I have the time.

My husband and I call the Reno area our home, and our passions include family and animals (outside of my photography of course) . In fact, my husband runs a local training facility and I also Direct for a local dog rescue. We have three beautiful children and we pride ourselves on showing them the beauty of compassion and nature. I believe that my empathy towards animals and nature truly helps me to capture the most beautiful parts of it with my clients via photography.

I absolutely love meeting new clients and for a few hours, becoming a little part of their world. I have to say, wedding and birth photography are two of my favorites. There is something so honorable and magic about watching and being a part of the undeniable love during these times.

I hope that I can help you to create timeless memories as well.